Space Maintainers

According to the American Dental Association, many children begin to develop their first full set of teeth at about 3 years old. These early teeth, commonly referred to as baby teeth, are placeholders for when permanent teeth mature. While it’s naturally for adult teeth to replace baby teeth later on in a child’s life, some instances such as an accident can result in premature loss of the tooth. In cases such as these, space maintainers are specifically designed to provide support for the mouth until the gaps are filled with adult teeth.

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Why Consider Space Maintainers?

When there is a premature gap in between teeth, it can run the risk of other teeth becoming loose due to the lack of proper support. This can also lead to adult teeth growing into incorrect positions. Regardless of the reason why your child has prematurely lost a tooth, space maintainers can help ensure that they develop their adult teeth in the correct locations.

What Types Of Space Maintainers Are There?

We offer two types of space maintainers: fixed and removable. Fixed space maintainers are applied with dental cement to the neighbor teeth. These are much more suited to young children who have lost a back tooth. The exact devices used to implement these maintainers will depend on the location and number of missing teeth. Removable space maintainers, however, use acrylic devices with artificial teeth to fill in gaps. We more often recommend this form for older children who can properly remove and care for the placeholder tooth.

How Will I Know Which Type Of Space Maintainer Is Right For My Child?

Once you schedule your consultation, one of our providers will carefully examine your child’s teeth as well as the missing gap. From there, we will help you determine which type of space maintainer may be right for them.

While accidents in life may happen, space maintainers are a great way to help your child retain a full, healthy smile. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and ask our team any questions you may have about this exciting option. We look forward to hearing from you!