Orthodontist For Teen

Most permanent teeth erupt around age 12 or 13, including what are called 12-year molars. This is when full orthodontic treatment for adolescents usually starts. Duration of full treatment can be anywhere from 18 to 36 months. 24 months is common. Treatment time depends on many factors such as the difficulty of the case, patient compliance, hygiene, and so forth.

Teenagers have their hands full with school, friendships, sports, and a multitude of other activities. Social media is an ever-prevalent part of today’s society; teenagers are engulfed in a world of filters, selfies, and shared content. Although not every teen is worried so much as others about their appearance, regardless, a smile plays a huge role in introductions and interactions with others. Being insecure about one’s orthodontic situation can make a time filled with changes even tougher. Seeking an orthodontic evaluation

during the teenage years can have a wonderfully positive effect on inner and outer value moving forward. We at Gainesville Dental Arts are here to help resolve any and all negative orthodontic situations