Caring For Your Appliances

To successfully complete your treatment plan, you must work together with Dr. Karanth. Your teeth and jaws can only move toward their corrected positions if you consistently wear the rubber bands, retainer or other appliances as prescribed and damaged appliances lengthen your treatment time.


If you play sports, it’s important that you consult us for special precautions. A protective mouth guard is advised for playing contact sports. We can provide mouth guards that work with your braces. If you're not yet in braces, there are many inexpensive mouth guards on the market that protect your smile.

In case of an accident involving the face, check your mouth and appliances immediately. If your teeth are loosened or your appliances are damaged, call immediately to have a team member contact you. In the case of bleeding or trauma to the lip or face, stay calm, place ice to control bleeding/swelling area, and seek help from us or the Emergency Department of the hospital.

If you've suffered the loss of a tooth from the mouth, gently clean it off; keep it moist in your mouth. If possible, replace it in the socket or hold it in your mouth, and bring it to your caregiver. In the meantime, treat your discomfort as you would treat any general soreness.